Seven Quick Takes

A shout-out to Jennifer Fulwiler, whose blog, Conversion Diary, I read regularly. Here are 7 quick takes.


I live in New Orleans. We know how to eat, drink, and have fun better than anybody else on the planet. It is the most genuinely Catholic place in the United States. While I did not grow up here, and did not grow up Catholic, both the city and the faith called to me at a young age. You can say that I found the Mother Church in the Big Easy.


I enjoy certain distilled spirits of the aged variety, especially a fine Kentucky Bourbon or a nice Highland Scotch Whisky. I am absolutely devastated by the news that a Japanese firm has purchased the iconic Jim Beam, including my beloved Makers Mark. WHAT ON EARTH DO THE JAPANESE KNOW ABOUT BOURBON??? Nothing.


My wife and I both graduated from a certain well-known university in the South. My son is currently a sophomore at another well-known university in the South that just happens to be a major rival of my alma mater. I will admit that this has been very, very difficult for me. I have pondered disowning him, but the wife won’t let me.


Spent the last couple of days in Chicago. On Friday, my phone told me it was 14 degrees. The best part? “Feels like 6.” I don’t even own clothes for that kind of thing, people. I’m pretty sure my organs shut down while walking 10 blocks from a restaurant to my hotel. I can’t believe people voluntarily live that far north.


One day I’m going to write a book about why I dislike lawyers. (Note: I am a lawyer.)


I am an unapologetic old-earth person. I think the earth is 4.5 billion years old, as science demonstrates. I believe life evolved over millions of years. I am sure God had something (everything) to do with it, but I don’t really care how He did it. I’m just happy that the Catholic Church allows me to follow my conscience and believe this, and still follow Christ.


This is my dog.


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